October 7, 2015


Today is the day I want to start being a bit more personal on here. After all, this is my personal blog and called Crazy Little World Of Mine...it's all about my world, my life, and well, myself. So I thought I'd jump into this Currently theme...always wanted to do this and never had the guts {who knows why not}. And if you think the photo looks familiar...yes, it's the original shot of my Monday's Weekly Hope Series. I promise I won't always use the same photo but this week I felt it was an appropriate one.

Thinking about: What to get my family for Christmas. Last year was intense you guys. I mean, I did not expect to get so many presents, yet, obviously loved it. We exchanged Christmas wishlists, and we added a few things to those lists as surprises as well. However, I was not prepared for all the goodies...so this year I shall be prepared in full force. So...definitely thinking about Christmas!

Listening: Spotify; random country music. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of country BUT I came to enjoy it because it keeps me relaxed and somewhat motivated. Best part? I can actually sing along, so why not. Plus, some of the songs are very catchy...I am all for it.

Watching: Castle. I'm watching Monday's show. Yes, I know I am two days behind but hey, at least I am not two months behind. Just saying.

Reading: Blogs I have to catch up on. I feel bad for not reading them at times when they are written or at least posted but life complicates things at times, and those things force me to stay off the web and off the blogosphere. Yet, it's time to catch up.

Loving: The fact that I actually feel a difference in my mood, and in my body. Feels amazing. It'll take some time until I feel a lot less anxious and a lot less "off", but just knowing that I can feel a difference and my favorite person sees a difference...this means the world to me! I love it!

Planning: A trip to a Pumpkin Patch. I love pumpkins, and we need pumpkins in our home. Plus, I want to get my own one and not buy it at the grocery store. I need the challenge. Haha!

So what's up with you?!

October 6, 2015

Cutest Planners for 2016

2016 is pretty much around the corner, you guys!! And as a blogger, housewife, organizer, and a girl who loves anything pretty it is time to look for new planners or journals for the new year. I don't know about you but I look at a year starting January 1 and ending December 31, so I like my journal to start January 1 and not some time in July or August. Anything starting not on January 1 looks and feels just weird to me. It is not easy to find those fully one-year planners but I know I will. Plus, the sooner you look the better, because before you know it December 20th happens to come around and then you realize you not only have to find a last-minute gift for your mother-in-law or friend or co-workers but also find a new planner because you were too busy doing anything else like hang up holiday decorations.

Personally I go for the cutest and cheapest, and one that has enough space for me to write stuff in. I swoon over a lot of planners but usually end up at Target and get one around $10. As long as it's pretty, colorful, inviting, and reasonably priced I am okay with it. Don't get me wrong, I love those $80-planners and I can afford them too but then look at the whole picture. Do I really need an expensive, and yes cute, planner when the cheaper version works just a fine? I don't. I'd rather save those 70+ bucks and spend them on a new outfit or bag or pair of shoes I know I won't throw or put away after one year. Or, hello? I put those extra dollars into my savings account, or use it for a last-minute surprise gift for my favorite person. The list is endless.

Also, in case you didn't get enough of planners PaperSource, Erin Condren, and Etsy are fun places to look for more planner inspiration. I simply cannot get enough. Yes, I am slightly obsessed. I am literally stalking these websites to get inspired and find a way to get the best deal out of them. So many options!! So much fun!!!

Are you using planners?
What are you specifically looking for in a planner? Color? Size? Space?
And most importantly...have you gotten your new planner yet?!

I certainly have not...and it is time I get my butt going...


October 5, 2015

Weekly Hopes {10}

Good morning everyone!
I seriously had the weirdest and best weekend ever. I finally, finally, finally got my dates right. Seriously. Last week I thought Wednesday was Tuesday, Thursday was Wednesday, and Saturday was Friday. I was always a day behind. I don't know what happened. It didn't feel weird though, just confused the heck out of me because when I wanted to join a link up I totally missed the day. I guess my brain was all over the place. I am just glad a new week starts today so I can focus on being better and hoping for a fun and colorful fall season! 

This week I am hoping for...

1 - Getting my dates and days correct {not like last week}
2 - No more coughing, sneezing, and heavy head-like feelings
3 - More energy
4 - Fresh tomatoes from our tomato plants
5 - Finally sending a birthday gift away....my friend's bday was two weeks ago {oops!}
6 - Hot apple cider
7 - Receiving a check in the mail...I worked hard for that...give me the money!!
8 - New recipes to try

You know it's funny...a couple of nights ago we realized that I have finally started to change for the better. Grief is a strong emotion that stays with you forever. It changes you. I am still me, but I am much slower and not so motivated at times. Months ago I was all over new recipes, new things to do or to discover. It's taken me about five to six months to get back into trying new recipes. By that I mean, even looking for one in a book, online, on apps, etc. I even deleted cooking shows I had on my DVR. I think, my grief period started in April when I knew something wasn't right and could end up in the unthinkable. So I blocked every happy mode I could possibly feel for months...those happy modes are slowly returning. So, I am sooooo hoping to try new recipes this week. A new easy side dish would be perfect; it doesn't have to be a full on heavy meal...so wish me luck!! And hopefully I won't forget to take photos so I can share with you.

Happy Monday!

What are you looking forward to this week?! AND don't tell me it's only Friday!! 



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