April 1, 2015

April Food Challenge

Today marks the forth month of my food challenge. I have given up sweets, alcohol, and last month even dairy. Reintroducing all these foods back into my diet was the most fun. There is no way to describe how much I missed each one. I love wine so naturally holding my first glass after one full month of no alcohol was beyond fantastic. It's a fun challenge and allows me to appreciate food more. I thought going gluten free over two years ago was a challenge {and yes it certainly was and still is} but eliminating one specific food for one month into my diet was an eye-opener. Still is. We really take so much stuff for granted.

This month I am giving up soda and sweet ice tea. I will only drink water or juice {limited amounts} or cold tea and nothing with added flavor, sugar or artificial color. I'm still drinking coffee, tea, alcohol etc but will eliminate sugary sodas and teas. This challenge should be no problem. When eating out I won't order my beloved raspberry iced tea but go with simple water {free anyways!} or a glass of wine {if I feel festive}. This will save me some money sans the wine love. Plus, I easily gain when drinking sodas so giving them up will be perfect.

Wish me luck!

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March 31, 2015

Hunting For a Better Place

Okay, guys, I am drooling a little bit when I look at his photo. Those curtains would have to go but I am drooling.

Today we are hunting for a new place; a new home. We have been looking for months and have an eye on one place but it never hurts to look for more. It's time. We are so unhappy in our current place it is really time. Plus, it will be in a different but better area, closer to work and just hopefully making us happier. 

Unfortunately we aren't looking for a house just yet. We would have to figure out where we wanted to settle. As much as we miss and love Southern California we may not move back but move to Arizona or Nevada instead. Anyways, we are going to look at nine different places today. Wish us luck. Coffee will be my best friend today. It'll be a crazy day. Here we go.....

Happy last day of March!!!!


March 30, 2015

Three Things to Make A Person {Me} Happy

So much has happened last week I had no time to update, blog, read, or even just check in. Life can take fast turns. Sometimes it is for the better and sometimes it is not. 

Remember my happy post a little over a week ago, and I was happy I finally heard from my mom. Well, she is still in the hospital and probably won't be released until Easter Sunday. How insane is this?! I finally got to talk to her and see how she is doing. It's one thing to know your parent is in the hospital and is under good care {she's doing fine but had some issues so they kept her longer than anticipated}, it is a whole different thing to be so far away. She's in Europe for crying out loud. I am not.

Trying not to make myself feel more miserable I found three things that can easily make a person or in this case, me, happy. I am definitely doing better and feeling more at ease. 

1 - Spend time with something or someone that can in fact cheer you up
In my case, it was the cute little puppy pictured above. She's close to four months old and as cute as a button. She's so full of energy, so eager to play and explore every single thing she comes across; she's the kind of thing I needed to be around. Chasing after her and making sure she was not trying to eat tiny stones or pee in the wrong area really distracted me. Also, her eagerness to pick up a huge ball almost bigger than herself was hilarious. Her determination astounded me. Needless to say, this cute little thing made me forget and made me happy. I need a puppy in my life.

2 - Have friends and/or family help you out
One of my oldest friends in my hometown organized flowers to be delivered to my mom's room. I couldn't have done this so easily from here, so I appreciate the love and support from her. Also, my for lovely friend back in SoCal helped me with the international call I had to make. Without the help of these two I would have been lost. Also, fun texts and snaps always helped. I spent a couple of days in Nevada with family so that was a distraction as well. Anything helps.

3 - Don't forget about yourself, and treat yourself right
It's easy to neglect yourself. When you feel down, lost someone, and are alone it is easy to just let go and not care. I have been there, done that. I had to remind myself that life isn't over, and I should find my happy. So, I got my hair done, spoiled myself with a frappuccino from Starbucks, and decided to say yes to an invitation to a movie {we saw Kingsmen}. Oh, and I painted my nails pink and went out for a walk to enjoy what spring has to offer.

You may wonder where my favorite person was in all of this. He was around. He's been transitioning into a new job so that takes a lot of his energy and patience as well. We shared the frappuccino, so he was around. Poor guy had to work, hardly got time off for spring break but at least could spend some time with the puppy as well. Yes, we are having puppy fever now. Ha!

Last week was crazy; looking forward to a better and more fun week.

Happy Monday!!!



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