April 22, 2015

6 Easy First Steps to Conserve Water

California has a water issue. We have heard it, we have seen it, and when you live here with open eyes and ears you also live it. I hear the word DROUGHT every single day.

Years ago I shared my thoughts on how to live a greener life. I have to say I pretty much still live by everything I said back then. Now, with this constant water problem we are faced with each day I thought it was time to share a few easy steps to conserve water. It's the little things we do in life. It's a start. It is so easy, and will not interfere with any of our schedules. Promise.

  1. While brushing teeth, turn off the water. Water doesn't need to run. You are not brushing your teeth standing under that water, or are you?
  2. If you wash dishes by hand don't let the water run either. Plus if you have two sinks, have one sink fill with wash water, and the other with rinse water. I only wet my sponge, put soap on it and start soaping up my dishes. The ones with the most {heavy} stains get soaked with soap. I only have one sink, so I only use it for rinsing purposes. 
  3. If you wash your dishes in a dishwasher, don't pre-wash. Most of us have newer dishwashers anyways. No need to pre-wash your dishes. Also, no extra rinsing. It's a waste of water and frankly, also time.
  4. Turn off water while you shampoo/condition your hair, shave, and lather your body. No need to keep it running.  I always have to turn around to shave my legs so the water doesn't hit my face or in that case legs. There's really no need for water to fall onto no one. If your shower is like mine and gets super cold quick, find another solution. I got used to it to have a bit of a colder splash once I turn it back up. Also, I shampoo massage my hair faster than I used to. My hair still gets clean.
  5. Collect water in a bin/basket when you rinse fruits/veggies. Use that water for your house plants and flowers. Same goes when you warm up your shower. Extra water can go in a clean bucket, and then can be used for plants and flowers.
  6. Run your washer only when full. Is it really necessary to run it with four shirts in it? I don't think so. Just wait.
  7. Set a timer when you take a shower. Five minutes is usually all you need. Plus, remember, you turn off the water anyways. 
I am aware that these are seven steps. Consider the last one to be a bonus step. There are many more steps you can take to save water, or use less water. If you own your own place, fix leaks, runny faucets, anything else. Don't water your lawn every day, don't wash your car all the time but still, try to keep it clean. Don't overfill the pools {less splashing and therefore less loss of water}. There are a ton more, and when you think of it...you will automatically come up with ways to use less and save more!

Here's a website I found quite useful to see where we can improve our water consumption. Plus, just because you don't live in California doesn't mean you shouldn't think about conserving water. There are people out there that need water and we {with or without this drought} say we care and all {and yes we do} but we don't care enough. We take the flowing liquid ever so lightly and for granted.

Do not take water for granted.
Start thinking. Start using less. Start saving our precious water. 

What are you doing to conserve water?!

image via buzzfeed

April 21, 2015

Hot Spring Outfit

Untitled #104

Weather in Southern California was almost always predictable. Weather in Northern California is a whole different story {just like its difference in expressions}. This also goes for outfits, and outfit inspirations. There are moments when I dress up {as always} and feel extremely overdressed, and somewhat inappropriate for a certain area. That is when I feel like an ugly duckling or pumpkin left in a corner since Halloween. Temperatures have risen, and it is clear it's not winter anymore. It was so hot last weekend it was time to bring out my favorite spring scent, Sunday dress, and a cute pair of flats. I had to look for some more inspiration, hence the compilation above. 

Looking forward to creating the above outfit soon. It'll be a great one for a brunch date with my favorite person, or friends if and when we ever get back together. 

Have a wonderful day!

April 20, 2015

Time To Pack and Move On

You guys, a couple of weeks ago we went on our last hunt for a new place. We found it and last week we finally got approved. It took a while for them to verify some information {I almost thought our current landlord refused to give out information so we would be stuck in this place forever; I was wrong of course}. So freaking excited. We are ready to pack, move, and start living life in a better area and place. It is definitely time. We are so ready!! *I secretly started packing thinking it will bring luck - I was right!

We will be moving in one month. It sounds like so far away but it is not. What we are mostly focusing on is to bring everything over we already have. From then on, we will figure out what needs to be purchased or given away. I know for a fact we need a dining table, and can finally purchase a patio set so we can in fact enjoy sitting outside every single day. I am also hoping we find our current sofa doesn't fit in {size wise it does but feel/look wise it may not} and that we will look into saving up and buying a new one.

The new place will be way bigger, and as far as we could tell quieter. We need some quiet time. I don't like the constant sirens going off every five minutes. Yes, if you live in a city that is bearable. We are not living downtown though. Our windows are single paned and so, guess what, it not only is loud, it is also either very cold or hot. So over this place. I hate it. Needless to say and I am repeating myself...we are ready and it is time!!!

We will get help from my favorite person's parents, as well as two classmates and a coworker of his. If you have any tips on how to pack or organize or what not...fill me in. Any tip and idea is welcome. I have a small list on what to do before the big move {inform tv/internet company, set up new accounts for water, gas, electricity and cancel old ones, inform bank, DMV, immigration, and post office to redirect mail accordingly}, but other than that I am kind of lost. Pinterest helps, too. I also learned from my last move that the more you have done ahead of time, the easier and faster the move will be. Plus, labeling your boxes on the side rather than on top is a must. 

Again, if you know of anything we should think of, let me know.


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