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December 17, 2014

I'm back!

Hello my lovelies,

I have been MIA I know. It's been a hectic week but a very good one. I spontaneously went down to Southern California for my friend's birthday weekend. It has been four full months that I had been so you can imagine my delight to finally go back. My favorite person wanted me to go there for so long because he knows how much I miss it and how much I miss having friends around. It's hard up here. It's really really hard. Going to see my friend for her birthday was, I think, the best thing I could have done. The flight {and the anxiety beforehand} was worth it all. I am glad I went. These five days were worth it. I am rejuvenated, thrilled, excited, and just happier. 

This trip is also the reason I wasn't online all that much. Plus, my phone died three times on me. Fully charged the battery decided not to work and baaaam I had no phone or access to the outer world. I felt miserable. Really. Phone is back on but who knows for how long. It's an oldie but still a goodie, so fingers crossed Santa brings me a new phone or 2015 means I will get a new one...I know I will. 

So, bear with me my readers...I'll be slowly catching up and slowly getting around to posting again. I have yet to wrap presents, send them, and write this week will be BUSY. Good I won't complain. 

Hope this holiday season has been good to you, and that you are enjoying this month as much as I am enjoying it. Cannot believe we are already passed mid-December!! What on earth?!

Oh and if you were wondering why I chose that quote to begin this post with...lots has happened. You often dwell on what ifs and whys but in the end it's all about the NOW. I learned that certain people in my life just have to be left behind. Not because we fought, or are fighting, but because they don't accept me for who I am or for who I have become over the past twenty plus years. We all change, but we can still accept each other, no?! 

Have an absolutely awesome day.

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December 10, 2014

What To Do During the Holidays when on a Special Diet

As the holidays crawl nearer {yes, crawl} most of us have parties to attend. Whether it is a party with friends, coworkers, family, or as a plus one...there's always some sort of a party people go to. Plus, if you are not hosting it is even more fun to enjoy the festivities. Just saying.

But what do you do when you are on a special diet? I am not talking about the constant diet most of us are on to lose a few pounds here and there so we fit back into our favorite jeans or the bikini we want to wear on an upcoming trip. I am talking about a constant diet more people have to live on because they are allergic to certain ingredients, or of course, the diet people believe in is the best and healthiest. I am allergic to gluten, and slightly tend to even have issues with contamination but my doctor said I should not worry yet {oh, thank you}. I know people who are allergic to nuts, diary, citric acid {which I think is worse than gluten}, or just allergic to certain fruits or other stuff. The list goes on. What do you do then? Unless you are lucky enough to have open-minded family or friends, or your friends and family are allergic as well {ha, that would be nice} attending a holiday party can be dreadful. If you are the host and you know you will have guests over who have allergies or require dietary restrictions...well, it's pretty much as dreadful, but it's all doable.

Here's a few tips I found over time that will help both sides to overcome the dreadful thought to disappoint anyone with or without an allergy or dietary preference:

When you are the host

- be direct and ask your friends about any allergies or preferences when you sent the invite; after all it's your party and you want to be a successful host pleasing friends and not making them sick and ruin the experience. Plus, with all this holiday craziness it's easy to forget to mention it. So, ask away in order to plan ahead and have fun hosting your holiday party.

- if your guests offer to help you with dishes or ask if they can prepare a dish that's specifically gluten free for example, by all means, accept that offer. Who wouldn't want help. 

- keep it simple. If it's your friends they will already love what you are going to offer them. They will eat what will be on those plates and in those pitchers {unless you are like me having no pitchers but the wine bottles ready!}. Don't overdo it. Don't go overboard by pleasing everyone by creating two kinds of the same dishes but with different pasta {gluten free and regular pasta}. Just make one. It will get eaten.

- ask for help. If you can't do it all or feel you are at a loss, ask your friends to help you out. It never hurts to ask is what most people live by, so when it comes to making a holiday party as fun and as eventful as ever, just ask and don't get too stressed. You won't be grated.

When you are the guest

- be direct and let the host know that you have an allergy. I am sure that if the host is your friend she/he already knows, but if it's another party don't hesitate too long to let them know. It's worse when you refuse food on the day of the party. It's kind of an insult.

- offer to help or bring a dish or two, and explain to the host why you would like to help out. Don't just show up with a dish in your hand {unless it's a potluck of course}. Help is always appreciated. When it comes to special ingredients, dietary preferences etc the host is not familiar with it's easier to bring/make something you know will work. Takes the pressure off the host. Trust me.

- if there's food or drinks you cannot have at a party, and you weren't as fortunate to help or bring something and no one considered your allergy {this sadly happens all the time} be a good sport. Don't frown, don't be upset {even though you will be} but instead go with the flow. Don't eat what you shouldn't but eat what you can. If the carrot and celery sticks are the only things you can eat, do so. Politely say no to anything else offered to you, drink the drinks you can and don't hesitate to ask what's in something. I mean, it's what it is. No one wants to be rushed to the ER because of a nut allergy or something else upsetting your body. So, be a good sport.

- bring back up. I always have a Kind Bar with me when I go somewhere, or a tangerine. They easily fit into any purse and allow me to feel full, get the nutrients I need and won't upset my body at all. Don't eat those items in front of your host but if you really cannot help and can't find anything that fits your special diet, then sneak in a bite or two in the bathroom {if you really really have to} or quickly go out to the car and eat it.

I have had my own share of awkwardness when it came to hosting parties or attending parties. I had to sneak in a fruit bar one time because I knew the hostess didn't care about anyone who had allergies. It's also hard for Swiss people to change their habits, or think ahead. Don't want to point fingers but I have great friends who do remember but I remember last summer I was invited to my friend's place for dinner and of course she forgot I couldn't have "normal" spaghetti. It's a mistake, and I was okay with her forgetting it all but it's been tough. Luckily she had wine. Just saying. :)

I will be possibly attending two parties this weekend {one for sure} and it won't be easy. One will be a bowling party and we all know that bowling alleys NEVER have healthy food. If you know of a place that does please let me know but all I know is bowling places have fried stuff and that jazz. Not for me. Not even a hot dog would be okay, sadly. So wish me luck. It'll be a fantastic weekend I know but it will be a tad bit difficult for me to fill my hungry gut. Fingers crossed.

Any fun plans for this weekend?
Do you have allergies or prefer a certain diet and have come across some difficulties? Fill us in.

Happy Holidays, whether you have an allergy or are on a special diet. Enjoy it to the fullest and don't overeat. ;)


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December 6, 2014

Holiday Presents for the Man You Love


Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out what to get your husband or boyfriend for Christmas. They may think they’re easy to shop for, but you know better. You don’t want to be stuck buying them some new socks or another favorite gift card. It’s time to think outside the box and come up with some Christmas gifts that he will love. He’ll be impressed if you take the time to come up with a few gifts that he didn’t even know he wanted. With some creativity you’ll have some incredible gifts wrapped and placed under the tree, and he’ll be eager to open them during the holidays.

The Right Pair of Jeans


Whether he wants a double knee dungaree for when he’s on the farm, rugged, trendy, or casual denim, a variety of styles and colors can be found on G&L Clothing. Find the right pair of jeans for your man that you know will look great on him and make him feel like a million bucks. With so many options to choose from you may even get him a few pairs of jeans, especially if he needs a new pair of two because his existing pairs are ripped.

If you’re not sure what kind of jeans he likes sneak into his closet when he isn’t looking and find out what color he likes the most. If he prefers a darker pair of jeans buy him a new pair, but with a mix of dark and light in a trendy pair he’ll really like. You should also write down his size if you don’t already know it, and remember to read online carefully whether the jeans run small or not. Find the right pair of jeans for him and he’ll feel thankful for your creativity.

A Handmade Gift 


Your husband may not be able to admit that he loves the sentimental gifts, but deep down he loves them most of all. Make him a photo collage of you and kids or come up with a dream box with individual dreams written down on small cards that fit inside. If you’re super creative decorate the box with favorite photos, stickers, and other elements that will make the box stand out. There are also canvas photos that can be made online with a favorite family photo. A canvas photo is easy to hang up in your home and fun to wrap and stick under the tree.

Clever Sports Accessories 


If he happens to be obsessed with sports such as football, baseball, basketball, or NASCAR, it’s okay to buy some accessories that he will absolutely love and use. Whether it’s memorabilia or something he personally can use, such as a new kayak for kayaking, showing him that you support his love of sports will make him feel special. There are also other accessories you can buy him such as a new pair of court shoes, shirts for tennis and working out, and more. Perhaps you’ll even want to attend a live game with him in the near future! If this is the case buy tickets ahead of time for Christmas.

Guest post by Sierra at Simply Sierra blog


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