August 31, 2016

A Fall List

Summer is slowly but soon officially coming to an end and fall is practically around the corner! At the beginning of summer I put together a summer list filled with things I wanted to accomplish throughout the season. I wanted to make memories and challenge ourselves to find ways to enjoy summer better! As we are slowly leaving summer, with extreme temperatures as usual, I want to make sure I am enjoying every bit of the new season as well. My summer list, just like the spring list, didn't fully get accomplished but that is okay. I love fall and cannot wait to see how much I get to tackle this season. And what I don't accomplish I get to accomplish next time.

Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to doing this season; wish me luck:
  • change my blog
  • go apple picking 
  • make an apple pie {tried so many times and failed, so hopefully this season I can do this}
  • go to at least one pumpkin patch
  • carve pumpkins 
  • wine tasting
  • upgrade my fall wardrobe
  • explore more surrounding cities
  • finally go to the old town underground tour
  • decorate patio and porch for fall
  • enjoy one Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • create new chili recipes 
  • go to a local fall/halloween event since the one we usually went to closed down
  • find fall recipes to cook for Thanksgiving
  • create fun fall diffuser recipes
How's your fall list coming together? Anything exciting I have to add to mine?!


August 29, 2016

Two Years

Today marks two years of being married to the love of my life! Time has flown by so fast it is incredibly hard to believe it's been two years already! I believe the first two years are the hardest. They feel easy but the first two years build the foundation for the future, our future. The past couple of years have been wonderful yet challenging. While we have managed those moments beautifully by supporting each other through one of the hardest times, I am very excited for what the future holds for us. B, thank you for being my best friend, my partner in life and love. I am so grateful for all the support, love and strength you have given me over the past years. You are my rock, and my very own fortune!

I love you.


August 24, 2016

Currently {11}

Thinking about: September. Yay! I will partake in two challenges that month. One will be part of Jon Acuff's 30-day of Hustle challenge {I'm excited about this because I need some butt kick to get back into a speedy gear!!}, and the other one will be health related and will last 90 days. The health one will be part of a group, and so far we are like 600+ participating in this. It'll be nice because when cooler temperatures arrive I tend to get more productive as well as lazy at the same time. Yes, both. So yes, I get to walk more because it won't be scorching hot anymore, but I will also love to stay inside more and wrap myself with a cozy blanket and drink hot cocoa. I want to find a healthy and happy middle. So stinking excited, and I cannot wait to see how these two challenges will benefit my life. Wish me luck!!

Listening: Not much lately. Music inspires me but lately I feel nothing musical makes me say "yeah, this is awesome and I want to hear more!". So what I'm listening to lately is Pandora, a random radio channel, or some older CDs from Europe...I won't give up on music {heck, no!!} but I am not particularly into anything at the moment. Fall will hopefully change this soon. 

Watching: This time of year doesn't have much on TV. I can't wait for fall TV to start again {hello, my lovely distracting shows!}, so I started rewatching shows like Brothers&Sisters, HIMYM, and Savannah. I also try to watch a few movies here and there. Nothing too exciting. 

Reading: Three different books. 3!! What was I thinking?! I normally don't do this. This month it is a bit different. Well, it's officially two and the third book I felt like was okay reading from time to time, when I feel like a mellow, softy novel will add some reading excitement to my life. After all, we know this year I am trying to get back into reading more. The books I am reading are The Third Wave, Start, as well as The New Girl. Hopefully I finish all of these by the time I'm writing up my reading challenge for you all. 

Loving: That September will be next week!!! HELLO! YES. I'm so over August. I love summer, don't get me wrong but this month has been dragging. I think mentally, my brain decided to take a step back and make me emotional again and I cannot stand that part of me. It's depressing. I want to be and feel happy. I'm healthy, I've got a great man in my life, two beautiful kittens...well, cats, and friends and family. So let me be okay...stupid stupid stupid I'm loving that September is around the corner.
Other than that, I'm in love with SteamSmart, Thieves cleaner, frozen yogurt, and homemade gluten free banana bread. Can't complain about that one, can I?!

Planning: A get together with cousins. B's cousins live close by, so we are trying to get together in a few weeks. Only thing we have to work on is to get time off. They are off on weekends, we works weekends. We can figure this out. Yes, we can. Also, since our anniversary is practically around the corner I am hoping we get to enjoy that day as well. 

Working on: Being a better person. I am a great person, don't get wrong. But I always try to be better, to be more helpful, to be more outgoing, to be more me. Over the past 18 months I have become a recluse. I am an introvert, and I love to be among like-minded people, it is hard for me to get these two sides of mine merged together. I need to find a way to better myself and to find a balance in everything I do. I need to be a better person, period. Here's to feeling and being better!! Woohoo! 

What have you currently been up to?!

August 22, 2016

Weekly Hopes {56}

I'm still around. I promise. Last week an unfortunate {or maybe fortunate} event turned into a road trip over the mountains to see family. It wasn't planned and although I am spontaneous this was too much for me. I guess my anxiety kicked in again and I felt overwhelmed. Needless to say stupid drivers on the road didn't help either. We made it, and have been away for a few days. Worst part will be when we return home. We forgot to take the trash out and accidentally left two bananas on the counter we wanted to eat on the road...great smelly home will await us for sure. Dreading this for sure. Other than that, it's nice to be away but I'm so ready to go home. Yup, I said it. 

Now for this Weekly Hopes will consist of...

1 - Going home
2 - Getting the car serviced {recall fix time}
3 - Working on a few projects
4 - Updating my calendar for September
5 - Painting my's summer and I feel like pink
6 - Donate a few things again
7 - Get back into physical training as it is hard when not at home
8 - Be more productive and more social
9 - Apply some more
10 - Spend some time by the pool

See? It's a bit of a different list. I'm looking forward to going home. I miss my own place. I can pretend to be Phoebe or Rachel {Friends, anyone?} and walk around naked. Ha. Ok, maybe not, but being in your own home makes things so much easier. 

So wish me luck!!! This week will be challenging for me but it'll be good. Some challenges are needed in life, no?!

Happy Monday!!


August 17, 2016

Books to read this fall season

Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. Last year I literally lost interest. Life changed quite drastically and I had no desire to get lost in the written word. I felt alone, hopeless, sad, and confused. I wanted to change my mood and find books that inspire me again. Honestly it was tough. I'm still working on it, but what better time to approach this whole reading thing when fall is around the corner?! Yes yes! So I decided to create a list of books I think are perfect to read during this fall season. And what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a book and a hot cup of tea or chocolate?! 

I have had All the Light We Cannot See on my to-read list forever. It is about time I start reading it, isn't it?! It also won a Pulitzer Prize. I love those kind of books anyhow.

I read Me Before You in German. I liked the film, but I still prefer the book. So naturally I want to read After You. I know it is not going to be the same book, and the story won't be as heart-warming but I still know I'm going to enjoy it this fall.

Whenever I enter a bookstore I see Big Little Lies. I even saw it at Target and somehow it also ended up in my recommendation of books I should read. I think it is time. And I'm all about a novel about women and their lives, and I read it will become an HBO series in the future?! Hello, yes!!

In Twenty Years is a novel that confronts friends to face their past. I'm a sucker for stories like that. Plus, when temperatures drop and it slowly gets darker I want to hold a book that forces me to get lost in it and face my own past and how it has shaped the me today. Can't wait!

Family portraits. What can I say?! These are the books that keep me warm when temperatures drop or rain is about to show up. Everything I Never Told You will be all that, let me tell you. It will suck you in and I can't wait to not want to put this book down.

I have been waiting for this book for so long. My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry is a book I want to read because it will challenge me. I read books that go back and forth, and books that make me think, and I read books that are super abnormal and what not. Either way, this will be fun and I cannot wait!!

There's a few more books I'm interested in but these are my definite favorites. Hope I get to read them all this upcoming fall season. Wish me luck! Any books you would recommend to me?! Or any author you fancy? Let me know. I'm always open for suggestions.



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